The unique opportunity to select Gemstones from the source.

We offer the solution to every jeweler and retailers’ challenge of acquiring loose stones at the most affordable prices. With over 40 years in the wholesale industry, we have put our reputation ahead of all else to bring our clients the highest quality gemstones. Whether it is loose stones or fine finished jewelry, there isn’t any request that is beyond our reach in the colored gemstone world. You are our highest priority. Choose from a selection of Tanzanite and fancy colored Tanzanite, Morganite, Aquamarine, Zambian Emeralds, Alexandrite, Capricorn Sapphires, Rubies, and much more. All available upon request.


Tanzanite has quickly become one of the most popular gemstones in the world today. In markets such as the Caribbean, Tanzanite has become the most popular colored gemstone, and second only to Diamonds in the fine jewelry world. Our journey brings this highly popular stone directly from the mines. Our parent company has direct access to the mines, with offices in Arusha, and nobody can offer more in the Tanzanite world. By request we can also provide the highly sought after Fancy Color Zoisite.


Gaining tremendous momentum in the luxury jewelry industry, Morganite brings a new level of elegance to the fine jewelry world. One of the brightest stones in the Beryl family, Morganite delivers on its reputation of sophistication, elegance, and romance, bringing an essence of a fine Rose Champagne on a relaxed South Beach patio setting. This collection adds a unique elegance to any retailer’s showcase, and will captivate your clientele.


This brilliant gem evokes a feeling of serenity, with a soothing effect on the wearer and the viewer. Just as you would take in with all of your senses the vast magnificence of the Ocean’s pristine waters. Aquamarine truly echoes the ever-soothing airy touch of the ocean’s breeze caressing your skin. You can almost feel it… so pure, pristine and free… with every Aquamarine. This brilliant gem evokes a feeling of serenity, with a soothing effect on the wearer and the viewer.


Alexandrite’s dramatic and beautiful color change is labelled as ‘Ruby by night, Emerald by day’. This characteristic is unique to this rare stone, and is known as the ‘Alexandrite Effect. ADG Jewels brings Alexandrite with 85% color change or higher. This allows our clients to acquire the highest quality Alexandrite in the world.

Zambian Emeralds

The recent mines in the beautiful African Nation of Zambia bring us a unique Emerald. Your connoisseurs of Emeralds will seek out this rare stone that is deeper and richer than common Emeralds. Zambian Emeralds hold a hint of Blue.


The Ruby has always been held in high regard since ancient civilization. In Medieval times the Ruby was said to bring good health and prosperity. In Sanskrit the Ruby is called Nataraj, meaning; ‘King of Gems’, and believed to allow those who wore it to live in peace. Whatever your calling may be, the Ruby is a stone that has been sought out for centuries all over the world.